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Rivo2mg posted Sep 5 at 8:54 am
Hello. Last two days, I could not clim. Even tells me, you climed today.
Other thing, for withdrawals, tells me, you have malicious activity.
Solution please.
Big thanks

Cocksinwood posted Aug 25 at 12:31 am
Sure would be nice if you stupid fuks would stop ripping off mother fukers dumb enough to pay your Daddy fucking my mom's clit sucking getting fucked up the ass by uncle puke selves

Hi, I hope someone can help. I was unable to withdraw Bitcoin SV to my Atomic wallet. The error message is that the receiver address is invalid. Is this a known issue? Or should I contact Atomic?
I have checked and triple checked the address.

Many thanks,


salmanbd posted Aug 20 at 7:35 am
If I upgrade my membership to platinum per day I will get 320 claims per day right? in that case, i will make 0.001224 satoshis per day and 0.03672 satoshis per month. Is that really going to happen!!!

parisara posted Aug 18 at 4:48 pm
i was withdraw my brazio but it"s gone i want my coin back pls
or you have some answer

Wolfshead posted Aug 17 at 6:57 am
I have no problem withdrawing Bitcoin coins or Etherium, but my Doge never appeared and my Monero is lost after days of any withdrawal being allwed. Is this a common problem and can you exchange your coins for others in house?

XxX posted Aug 4 at 1:48 am
Why do you take a monthly fee from my account without my permission?if I want to buy from you Membership I will do it,but why do you take money from my account every month without my permission???

recent by RonVau66  ·  Aug 11 at 7:01 pm
tradesmart posted Jul 28 at 6:46 pm
I tried withdrawing and a dialog popped up telling me the min to withdraw was 0.00001.
Fair enough.
I changed the amount to 0.00001. I got a big red error banner at the top of screen stating the min was 0.00003.
No worries.
I change the amount to reflect that. Next I get a big red error banner that says the server is down right now - probably for maintenance.
The problem is I g
vayaz posted Jul 25 at 1:08 am
i tried to withdraw 0.01287615 eth but got this.

The transaction to an outside wallet was successful. Your transaction hash is Error: authentication needed: password or unlock at web3.js:3143:20 at web3.js:6347:15 at web3.js:5081:36 at :1:1

i looked into this error and its a problem with the sender( havnt unlocked address to send?

where did the eth go

Twice I have made withdraws without actually getting to my external wallet. One was on bitcoin 3 weeks ago and today, 10/06/2019, made an ethereum withdrawal without entering my external wallet.
This was the information i saw after i made the withdraw

Transaction Success - The transaction to an outside wallet was successful. Your transaction hash is Error: authentication needed: password
recent by vayaz  ·  Jul 25 at 12:49 am
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